Lacole Extending Sintered Stone Dining Table Small In Grey


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Looking for a versatile and space-saving dining table that can adapt to your needs? Check out the Lacole Extending Sintered Stone Dining Table Small in Grey from Furniture in Fashion! With its sturdy sintered stone construction, chic design, and convenient extension feature, this table is both functional and fashionable. The cool grey finish complements any decor style, from modern to industrial, and the compact size makes it perfect for small dining areas. The extension feature allows for additional seating space when needed, making it great for entertaining. Easy to clean and maintain, this table is built to last for years to come. Shop now and elevate your dining space with the Lacole Extending Sintered Stone Dining Table Small in Grey! FEATURES : Material : Smar Tops Sintered Stone, Metal Finish : Grey, Black The panel is 21mm thick triamine board with chamfered edge Pasted with 3mm domestic Sintered Stone The slate has similar colour paint to seal the edge Foot tube 80×40 Frosted black The Lacole sintered stone in a new addition to the Smar Tops technology family It is a non-porous, hygienic, scratch, heat and stain resistant stone, which make it an ideal product to use on dining tables Two tone grey veined marble effect has been carefully crafted to enhance this collection of fixed and pop-up extending tables Simply add chairs of choice to make a dining space ultra-chic Available at an affordable price Images shown are for illustration purpose only DIMENSIONS : Height : 760mm Width : 1400mm to 1800mm Depth : 900mm